Introducing “Art @ Home”*, an interest free financing option.†

You just
spotted a painting that you really want; maybe your budget is a little short.

Did you know you can have that painting right now?

Simply send an email (link bottom page) using Subject Heading “Art@Home”, in the body state the painting of your desire. I will reply with the
downpayment price, and a link for payment. If you choose to purchase, simply make your payment, and your painting is on it’s way! Usually arrives within 4 - 10 business days.

On the 15th calendar day of the following month, you receive an email invoice showing your payment, plus the balance owing. You only make minimum payments of
$25.00 /month on or before the 30th of that month, until completion.

If your budget becomes a little more flexible down the road, simply pay off the rest!

*Does not apply to originals, limited editions, or commissions.
†Accounts in arrears over 60 days are charged 2% interest / month.
Dennis Hendricksen is the proud owner of "Buzzing Buffalo".
A gift from his beautiful wife for Christmas.